Alison’s Story

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My Story

I have been studying this material for over a decade.

From the very start it captured my mind, heart, and soul.  I find this work profoundly valuable, both personally and professionally.  On a personal level, it has been deeply clarifying as I have always had easy access to altered states but no capacity or skill base for navigating them.  The consequence was that often, I would end up feeling crazy or I had feelings of being an outsider.  This work gave me an exquisitely detailed MAP of consciousness which allowed me to know where I am and to begin to balance the Nine Bodies, resulting in a more reliable experience of well-being.  The exploration also provided the opportunity for me to cultivate dimensions of myself that I had not fully developed.  I found myself very much at home in the bodies and in the experience of their universality; I experienced a profound sense of place which had, in part, always eluded me.

I have also found this work to be deeply healing.  I have spent many decades of psychological work through traditional therapeutic modalities.  I have also engaged in a variety of alternative healing modalities, and I have also attended a zillion personal growth experiences.  (I do live in Berkeley, after all!)  All of it has been very valuable, but none of it ever reached so deeply inside of me in such a profound and healing way.

On the professional level, my work with others has developed considerably.  The Nine Body map helps me see people more dimensionally and enables me to work with more clarity around their mental, emotional, and physical states.  My understanding of the Nine Bodies often sheds light on traditional psychological conditions.  I can now see how the over-usage of one body, or the underdevelopment of another, may result in distress or limiting patterns and dynamics.  Additionally, for people for whom spiritual inquiry is part of their psychotherapeutic journey, it provides ground, clarity, and direction in an otherwise mysterious realm.

For much of my life, I have seen myself as an eclectic.  I have many identities.  Externally, these include: my psychotherapist self, my Change and Transition strategist self, my teacher self, my artist self, etc.  In addition are the many aspects of my inner life: mother, student, woman, seeker, etc.  These nine domains of consciousness have become the integrating factor, the tapestry into which all of these multicolored threads are interwoven.  Now, no matter what I am doing – from working with someone to washing the dishes – I am all of these things and am able to draw from each in a more creative and spontaneous way.

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