Finding Joy and Meaning in Elderhood:

Embracing Change & Transition for 60’s and Older

Facilitated by Alison Teal, MA, MFT and Ron Ames
Saturday, October 29th  |  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT (Lunch 12:00 – 1:30)
Conducted online via Zoom
Sponsored by Insight LA Meditation Center
Fee: $150 (sliding scale available for those in financial need)

In this unique, one-day workshop, we will explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in the movement into and through elderhood.  For many people, becoming an elder can be accompanied by anxiety and uncertainty as our very mortality becomes a near reality – as opposed to something that will happen someday far in the future.  The passage of time takes on new meaning.  However, this chapter of our lives can also be exciting and empowering.  Access to empowerment is possible when we receive personally individualized, compassionate support, and have acquired a tried-and-true process designed to encourage resilience in the midst of the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies the many changes and challenges characterized by this chapter of our lives.

In this intimate exploration, we will examine the changes to our minds and bodies, investigate our relationship to self-empowerment, and explore our place in a changing world.  Our mission in this workshop is to gain more insight, direction, and confidence as you move toward the life you desire for yourself.  Our day together will be pragmatic: You will have the opportunity to apply each teaching module to your specific change and transition concerns.  You will experience strategic learning, personal exploration, and participatnt interaction, as well as develop new tools and understanding so that you can more fully embody this rich and challenging time in our lives.  Research has shown that how well we navigate change – and the transition that follows it – has a direct impact on the degree of well-being, purpose, and satisfaction we experience on a day-to-day basis.  Claim all that’s yours to be and do, and make the most of your opportunity to embody your personal definition of well-being!

In this workshop, you will learn skills to effectively respond to change.  You will:
  • Learn about the nature of change and how to navigate the emotions and uncertainty that accompany it.
  • Assess what parts of your life are in or out of balance and discover what rebalancing needs to occur to support the change you desire.
  • Explore your values, goals, and essential intentions to help guide your next steps.
  • Examine your personal “Journey through Change” to use as a map to locate where you likely have come from, where you currently are, and what you might be experiencing next.
  • Gain insights about your strengths, challenges, and habits of mind in dealing with uncertainty and change.
  • Create a strategy for effectively manifesting the life you want for yourself.

The Life Balance Institute has been offering weekend workshops, 1:1 coaching and class series for over thirty years.  They have successfully supported thousands of people in moving through the challenges of personal and professional changes and transitions.  You will receive a variety of their self-assessments and tools as handouts to further support your journey of change.

The workshop will be led by Alison Teal and Ron Ames, both leaders in their respective fields, and also certified Changes & Transitions strategists.

Space is extremely limited for this intimate experience, so please register early if you plan to join us.

Expect a day of dynamic inquiry as you learn to meet change with authenticity, confidence, and clarity.

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