This group is designed to be focused on your interests:

• Do you desire more clarity about the nature of a particular body?
• Do you have questions about your experience?
• Do you seek an ongoing Nine Bodies Sangha?

Prerequisites:  Minimum of one NB retreat or one class series.
This group is in the process of forming.
If you are interested, please get in touch with me.


Saturday, January 8, 2022
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM PST (lunch 1 hour)
Suggested Donation: $125 to $350  (No one turned away for lack of funds)
Prerequisites:  Minimum of one NB retreat or one class series.

When you open Phillip’s book, “Awakening Through the Nine Bodies,” and turn to the illustrations:

  • Do you go blank or feel insufficient in some way?
  • Do you imagine you are supposed to have a special experience?
  • Perhaps, you don’t trust your experience.
  • When you hear Phillip or Dana talk about the illustrations on retreat, you can follow them but don’t know how to get there on your own.
  • Maybe you are curious about how to have a more meaningful relationship with the illustrations.
  • Maybe you are seeking an increased level of confidence in adding the illustrations to your reflective practice.

Phillip, in his book, “Awakening Through the Nine Bodies”, offers two paths for exploring these nine domains of consciousness—text and illustrations.  The purpose of this class is to deepen your relationship with Sri Swami Premvarni Balyogi’s illustrations.  We will be inviting your own personal experience; we won’t be focusing on what is in the text or what Phillip and Dana teach.

We will explore 4 access points into the illustrations  – Physical, Vital, Emotional and Etheric Bodies.  Each of these bodies becomes its own unique lens of perception; each invites its own experience of the colors and forms you are viewing.   The illustrations become a portal into your own internal experience; feelings, thoughts and memories may also be evoked.  Art, at its best, is a relationship which has the capacity to become an evolution from ego to a more direct experience.

When a personal relationship is initiated, then, the meaning of the illustrations, as they were designed, have a more reliable place to land.  Transmission and learning become more accessible and more dimensional.



DATE TBA: Spring of 2022

Fridays 9:00 - 11:00 AM (PST)
Eight Consecutive Weeks
Online over Zoom


Emotions come with the turf of being human.  While life includes many pleasures, there is no getting around emotions such as: sad, angry, anxious, depressed, agitated, regretful, shame and feeling ignored, rejected or treated unfairly.  To one degree or another we have all had these experiences.  Most of the time, when they are minor, they tend to resolve on their own.  But when they are more intense and come from long held patterns that were the result of challenging conditions, they may get fixated or stuck in a variety of ways.  Some include:

  1. We live too much in the turmoil of emotions.
  2. We have gone partly numb and have difficulty accessing our emotions.
  3. We avoid our emotions by becoming over-thinkers or over-strivers as if we could outrun them.
  4. We disconnect from our emotions and take refuge in one of the other Nine Bodies.
  5. We experience mental habits and get lost in our stories about ourselves or others.
  6. We are limited by beliefs such as, "If I understand my emotions, I can control them."  (A personal favorite of mine!)

In my work with individuals through the lens of the Nine Bodies, again and again, I witness the power of barriers and fixations that arise from or land in the Emotional Body.  They can skew our perceptions of ourselves and how we interact in the world. They can limit or distort our experience of the other Nine Bodies and our access to the gifts that each has to offer.

In this class, we will engage in an in-depth exploration of the Emotional Body. Through guided meditation, experiential inquiry and facilitated discussion, we will explore skillful means for navigating the inevitable suffering that is part of being human. We will give special attention to developing a felt sense of the distinction between the phenomenon of specific emotions and the more expansive field of the emotional body. Developing our facility with this distinction has the potential to temper attachment, aversion, and the delusion of the ego’s limiting story.

This class is designed with a personal component.  Each student will have the opportunity to identify and work with an emotional issue or issues of their choice.   Our exploration of each body will be pragmatic and tool based;  students will gain direct experience on how to utilize each of the first six Bodies (Manifest and Subtle) to help restore authenticity and balance in our emotional and mental lives.

Prerequisite: minimum of one Nine Bodies retreat OR one Nine Body class series that included the first six Bodies.  If you have any questions about how this class might fit for you, please get in touch with me.

  • Class size is limited to ensure individual attention.
  • Class length 2 hours, online, over Zoom, 8 classes.
  • Suggested Dana from $550 to $200. Deposit of $160 required to hold your place in the class.
  • No-one is turned away for lack of funds; please contact me if finances are an issue.
  • The deposit and tuition may be paid via PayPal or Venmo.
  • Participants are asked to attend at least six of the eight sessions. Due to the more personal nature
    of this class, your attendance is important for maintaining the stability of our container.


Class One: Introduction and Orientation to Emotions
The nature of emotional suffering. Skillful and unskillful means.

Class Two: Grounding Emotions Through The Physical Body
Mindfulness of the physical body including the elements.  The role of the
the physical body in supporting navigation of emotions and tempering
story making and reactivity.

Class Three: Grounding Emotions Through The Vital Body
Cultivation of access of Vital Body energy and field.  Moving beyond the story,
triggering feelings or looping thoughts through experiencing each as energy fields.

Class Four: Grounding Emotions Through The Emotional Body
Differentiating emotions from the emotional body; phenomenon vs. field.
Developing a more wholesome relationship to your Emotional Body.

Class Five: Grounding Emotions Through the Etheric Body
Countering isolation and me-ism supported by spaciousness /archetypal/luminous
elements of Etheric. Dissolving emotions into component source molecules.

Class Six: Grounding Emotions Through the Astral Body
Inviting in Astral capacity for change/evolution. The imaginative possible and
restoration of hope

Class Seven: Grounding Emotions Through the Intuitive Body
Inviting in intuition for insight, clarity, and direction

Class Eight: Integration and Closure
Summary and reflections on the journey of developing a more wholesome
relationship to our heart and mind. Where to go from here.


Fill in the below intake form and send it to me with your deposit.  Your
deposit will hold your place in class.

NB EMO - Intake - 6/10/21

If you have any questions or would like more information,
please get in touch with me.



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