To understand the Nine Bodies is to understand ourselves.

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The Nine Bodies of Consciousness are divided into three levels: The first level, the Manifest Bodies include the Physical Body, the Emotional Body and the Vital body. While many of us have some familiarity with these bodies, the teachings often reveal dimensions many of us are not entirely aware of.

Nine Bodies System Chart

The second level, the Subtle Bodies include the Etheric Body, The Astral Body and the Intuitive Body. As the name suggests, they are more subtle than the Manifest bodies. The Etheric body is where deep psychological healing may take place.

The third level, the Causal Bodies includes the Spiritual, Divine and Cosmic bodies. The Spiritual body is the last body that can be intuited in linear time. The final two bodies are beyond understanding and can only be intuited as primary source material. While we can’t access them directly, we can develop our capacity to be open to the mysterious ways in which they inform and grace our lives.

Balyogi’s lens of understanding of the Nine Bodies is through the Yogic tradition. Phillip’s translation of Balyogi’s material is through the Vipassana Buddhist tradition. As a psychotherapist, my interest has been in the healing capacity of these bodies and it has become the lens through which I teach. Your experience of this material and the language you will use to describe it, will be through your own lens of understanding.  The kaleidoscope nature of the bodies is because they are universal dimensions of experience; they are innate human capacities.  We use the language of learn and study but, in fact, what we are really doing is clearing away the cobwebs that obscure our experience and learning how to focus and direct our attention toward each of the bodies.  Nine Bodies teachers point in the direction of these bodies, or as Phillip Moffitt says, into the neighborhood of, but what you get, while archetypally similar, is uniquely your own.

While we explore the Nine Bodies in a linear fashion, they all exist simultaneously and some are a bridge to, or a container of other bodies. In Phillip’s words, “In Balyogi’s system of the Nine Bodies, there is a clear cause and effect among the various levels of being, which can be experienced and worked with in meditation and in everyday activities. The effect is both “up” and “down” – the more subtle levels affect the coarser body levels, and if the coarser body levels are blocked, you can’t directly access the more refined levels.”

These teachings are not simply meant to be learned in the intellectual sense of acquiring knowledge. Yes, you will acquire knowledge but I find an important benefit of this study is pragmatic – it is in the deepening, over time, of your own reflections and inquiries which result in your own experiences of these Bodies and which may ultimately be used for personal development and your own liberation from suffering.



I offer individual sessions in which I guide and support exploration of your personal or professional concerns and challenges through the lens of the Nine Bodies. Having lived in the psychotherapy world for much of my working life, the Nine Bodies frequently offers a more pragmatic and direct approach to realizing genuine and sustaining change. While traditional psychology tends to focus on the past as a means of bringing more well-being into the present, the Nine Bodies approach to healing brings attention to the energy patterns in the Bodies in the here and now.  Developing awareness, addressing imbalances, and strengthening capacity for access  to these Nine realms of consciousness, may offer profound healing in our minds, our bodies and our hearts. Each of the bodies is its own unique lens of understanding and can provide insight and direction as we navigate the challenges that are an inevitable part of life.

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My Story

I have been studying this material with my mentor, Phillip Moffitt for over a decade. From the very start it captured my mind, heart and soul. I find this work profoundly valuable; both personally and professionally. On a personal level, it has been deeply clarifying as I have always had easy access to altered states but had no capacity or skill base for navigating them. The consequence was that often, I would just end up feeling crazy or I had feelings of being an outsider. This work gave me an exquisitely detailed MAP of consciousness which allowed me to know where I am and to begin to balance the nine bodies resulting in a more reliable experience of well-being. The exploration also provided the opportunity for me to cultivate dimensions of myself that I had not fully developed. I found myself very much at home in the bodies and in the experience of their universality, I experienced a profound sense of place which had, in part, always eluded me.

I have also found this work to be deeply healing. I have done many decades of psychological work through traditional therapeutic modalities. I have also engaged in a variety of alternative healing modalities as well as having attended a zillion personal growth experiences. (I do live in Berkeley!) All of it has been very valuable but none of it ever reached so deeply inside of me in such a profound and healing way.

On the professional level, my work with others has developed considerably. The Nine Body map helps me see people more dimensionally and enables me to work with more clarity around their mental, emotional and physical states. My understanding of the Nine Bodies often sheds light on traditional psychological conditions. I can now see how the over-usage of one body, or the underdevelopment of another, may result in distress or limiting patterns and dynamics. Additionally, for people for whom spiritual inquiry is part of their psychotherapeutic journey, it provides ground, clarity and direction in an otherwise mysterious realm.

For much of my life, I have seen myself as eclectic. I have many identities. Externally, these include: my psychotherapist self, my Change and Transition strategist self, my teacher self, my artist self, etc. In addition, are the many aspects of my inner life: mother, student, women, seeker etc. These nine domains of consciousness have become the integrating factor; the tapestry into which all these multicolored threads are interwoven. Now, no matter what I am doing, from working with someone to washing the dishes, I am all of these things and am able to draw from each in a more creative and spontaneous way.