I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a life-long artist. I am trained and skilled in a variety of creative therapeutic modalities, which include: expressive arts therapy, sandtray, psychodrama, dream work, play therapy and Grove metaphor work. I have also been trained in Gestalt and Somatic Psychology. As a long time meditator, your sessions may also include mindfulness and awareness practices. Given my art passion, a portion of my practice consists of professional artists of all sorts who seek movement through creative blocks and/or support for creative projects.

I am an internationally certified EMDR therapist and consultant and facilitate in trainings throughout the United States. EMDR is a powerful and effective approach designed to help you move through issues in significantly less time than conventional therapeutic modalities. EMDR is particularly effective for past or recent traumas (including accidents and surgery), grief, stuck relationship patterns, self-limiting beliefs or behaviors, addiction (especially process addiction which includes food, sex, gambling, work,) performance, self-esteem and stepping into ones personal power and clarity.

I have worked with individuals, couples, families and children in ages ranging from 4 to 83. At best therapy is a collaborative effort; pace, frequency and style of working are mutually agreed upon and evolve as your needs change. My skill base spans a wide range of issues. My style of working is interactive and results based. Newer neurological research has shown that the traditional fifty minute session per week is not optimum for substantive change so it is my custom to assign homework at the close of each session so that, if you choose, you can leverage the work we do by continuing the process during the week. This homework is optional.

I have been in private practice 30 years as well as leading workshops, teaching graduate school, and presenting at conferences. Building on a solid foundation of traditional therapeutic technique and intuitive wisdom, I use dynamic and creative approaches to move beyond the realm of cognitive insight. Insight is not enough; understanding needs to reflect itself in one’s being and echo throughout one’s life.

Periodically, individual’s sense they could benefit from some help but are not clear how to articulate their concerns and don’t know how to proceed or where to go. If you feel this in any way describes you, I also offer a one to three session consultation service. This service is designed to help you gain an understanding of your issues and enhance your ability to clearly articulate them. We will create a personalized treatment plan for you which will include addressing, if necessary, multiple needs (such emotional, health and career issues, etc.) . I will then refer you to personally vetted practitioners (this includes psychotherapists, coaches or other health professionals as well as personal growth venues) to assist you in achieving your stated goals. Should further questions arise for you or you need to look at changing direction, I offer follow-up sessions or phone calls.


If you have questions about how my services may be helpful for you,
feel free to reach out via email.